EPRA was established in 1995 with the aim to increase co-operation between European regulatory authorities. EPRA is the oldest and largest network of broadcasting regulators (53 regulatory authorities from 47 countries are members of EPRA).

Besides the meetings of the governing structure of EPRA (the EPRA Board that is elected by the EPRA members and the EPRA secretariat that is hosted by the European Audiovisual Observatory) the main activities of EPRA take place during the plenary meetings, that gather all the representatives of the member authorities for a two day meeting with several topics in focus and working groups. These meetings take place twice per year and serve as forums for the exchange of information, case studies and best practices.

The 47th EPRA plenary meeting in Luxembourg

In October 2018 the 48th EPRA plenary meeting was hosted by the Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission in Bratislava. It focused on several topics including the Public service and public interest content in the digital age and Political communication and the challenges of social media. This was only the second time that the meeting was hosted in the Slovak Republic.

The EPRA Bratislava meeting plenary session in October 2018