Ľuboš Kukliš was elected chair of EPRA


At the plenary meeting of the European Platform of Regulators (EPRA) on Thursday 20 May 2021, Ľuboš Kukliš, Chief Executive of the Broadcasting Council, was elected Chairman of the group.

ERGA reacts to COVID-19 pandemic


As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ERGA has adopted two documents addressing the impact on the media sector and the measures taken by Member States, regulators and stakeholders. (

2nd workshop with Facebook and bilateral meeting - preparation of the upcoming parliamentary elections


The general elections in Slovakia are taking place in less than a month. The Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission is organising a series of workshops with relevant platfoms in Slovakia including the representatives of the biggest social network – Facebook to intensify its preparations, together with the colleagues from other relevant Slovak institutions. Various measures that Facebook is implementing specifically in Slovakia in this crucial period were discussed with a focus on the area of disinformation. Discussions continued during a bilateral meeting with the representatives of the Council discussing further cooperation not only on the national level but also in the context of the leadership of the Council in the network of EU national media regulatory authorities - ERGA.

Westminster Media Forum policy conference - Revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive


The major update of the EU media legislative framework rules (AVMSD) is, despite Brexit, also one of the important topics in the UK. AVMSD has been at the centre of a debate taking place in London and offered a unique perspective of what to expect after Brexit in the audiovisual area with an impact on the EU audiovisual market. Secondly, a workshop has been held on online regulatory issues the day before by the UKs media regulator OFCOM that focused on the transposition of the AVMSD and cooperation of national regulatory authorities, that is becoming essential with the rise of the cross-border and global services.

Workshop with Google – preparation for the 2020 elections


The general elections in Slovakia are quickly approaching. As the online space is increasingly becoming very important in this context the Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission was preparing itself, together with the colleagues from other relevant Slovak institutions, at a workshop with the representatives of the biggest search engine and video sharing platform – Google (YouTube), that was organised by the Council.

Election integrity workshop with Facebook – preparation for the Slovak parliamentary elections


The general elections in Slovakia are approaching, and The Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission was preparing itself, together with the colleagues from other relevant Slovak institutions, at a workshop with the representatives of the biggest social network - Facebook. In focus were the various measures that this company is implementing globally but also in the context of the upcoming elections in Slovakia. At the same time this was also important for deepening of the cooperation between the public institutions in Slovakia with this company, that is becoming increasingly crucial also in the election process most notably online political advertising in Slovakia.

Eurovisioni International Days – audiovisual reforms


Eurovisioni is a major annual audiovisual event that is organised in Rome and represents one of the most important discussion fora not only for the converged Italian regulatory authority AGCOM but also for the sector as a whole. Every year a differ key theme is selected for the international conference that is at the same time accompanied by festival screenings of audiovisual works. This year the focus was “Audiovisual reform - towards a European media industry?”

Advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages: How to protect children - workshop


According to the WHO, childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. Part of the problem is also the advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages (so-called HFSS) to children that until now has been left more for self-regulation. But his might change with the new provisions of the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive, that is also currently being transposed into Slovak media law. That is why Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission (CBR) has led the organisation of an ERGA Workshop in Brussels on the topic “Protecting Children in Audiovisual Media Services - How AVMSD can help to tackle advertising of HFSS foods to children”.

International Regulators Forum and Governing Platforms Project (7. - 8. 10. 2019)


The regulatory authorities from around the world have gathered in London to celebrate during the International Regulators Forum and the Annual Conference the 50th anniversary of the International Institute of Communications (IICOM).

Responsibilities for video-sharing platforms – workshop


The current state of research in the area of online disinformation during the last EU elections as well as the regulation of the platforms under the updated AVMSD rules were in the focus of an ERGA workshop. This event clearly focused on the video-sharing platforms from both of these angles and also offered a discussion forum for EU national regulatory authorities with these platforms and other stakeholders.

Countering online disinformation: a view on the past EU elections


The experience of countering online disinformation during the EU elections is at the centre of the Workshop organised by the Italian regulatory authority AGCOM. This event focuses on three perspectives: the unique Italian panel with the platforms against disinformation, the views from academia and on the other side, the views of the major platforms like Facebook and Google.

ERGA adopts a statement on its work on disinformation and agrees to reform


The 11th Plenary meeting of the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) took place in Bratislava on 20th and 21st June 2019. ERGA presented the outcomes of the work done so far on disinformation, which focused on the 2019 European elections and the related areas of political and issue-based advertising. ERGA supports the European Commission in monitoring the implementation of the commitments made by Google, Facebook and Twitter signingthe Code of Practice on Disinformation

RightsCon – the worlds largest summit on human rights in the digital age


RightsCon is a major annual event that brings together more than 2 500 participants from all over the world to discuss many rights related issues. The events 450 sessions (including a session on the role for media authorities in regulating platforms) focus on many topics with an aim to shape, contribute to, and drive forward the global agenda for the future of our human rights in the digital age.