Eurovisioni International Days – audiovisual reforms



Eurovisioni is a major annual audiovisual event that is organised in Rome and represents one of the most important discussion fora not only for the converged Italian regulatory authority AGCOM but also for the sector as a whole. Every year a differ key theme is selected for the international conference that is at the same time accompanied by festival screenings of audiovisual works. This year the focus was “Audiovisual reform - towards a European media industry?”

The historic Villa Medici in Rome provided a beautiful backdrop for the 2019 edition of the annual Eurovisioni conference/festival. This major event bringing together representatives of the major regulatory authorities in Europe the Italian AGCOM and French CSA together with the representatives of some of the largest media players including RTL, France Télévisions, RAI, Mediaset and notable academic voices of the likes of Professor of Constitutional Law Oreste Pollicino at the University of Luigi Bocconi.

The director of the Office of The Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission, Ľuboš Kukliš, who is currently the chairman of The European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) took the stage in the first panel debate on the topic of “Disinformation and hate speech online - the ways of regulation of the platforms also in view of the implementation of the new AVMS directive”. He focused on the experience of ERGA in it´s monitoring activities around the EU elections and on possible approaches to this difficult area, highlighting also the importance of the rights of the users in this whole debate.

Find a video from the first panel debate HERE (Lubos Kuklis - 2:07:13)

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