Countering online disinformation: a view on the past EU elections



The experience of countering online disinformation during the EU elections is at the centre of the Workshop organised by the Italian regulatory authority AGCOM. This event focuses on three perspectives: the unique Italian panel with the platforms against disinformation, the views from academia and on the other side, the views of the major platforms like Facebook and Google.

This event organised in Rome took stock of the activities and lessons learned during the EU elections that took place in May all over the EU. There were serious efforts by everybody to follow them also through the lens of disinformation. This was true for the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Mozilla) that have signed up to the Code of Practice on Disinformation but also for the researchers that were closely examining this. The national media regulatory authorities (including CBR) acting upon the request from the European Commission were also active and concluded a first of its kind monitoring activity at the end of which an ERGA report and statement were adopted at the last ERGA June Plenary in Bratislava.

The director of the Office of The Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission, Ľuboš Kukliš, who is currently the chairman of ERGA (The European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services) also spoke during the conference in a panel “The views from the online platforms which signed the Code of Practice”, which he moderated. This dialogue with the platforms is important as their efforts during the last period, and especially the EU elections, come under further scrutiny in the process of the overall assessment of the Code of Practice. ERGA will again also be involved, to guide any outcomes by the European Commission. This might also include a possibility to propose statutory regulation to establish a co-regulatory system that could be very similar to that one proposed by the new AVMSD.


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